Online educational platform

New educational platform for "The Family of Man"

Both a platform open to the general public and a professional institution, the National Centre for Audiovisual Arts (CNA) was founded in 1989 under the authority of the Ministry of Culture. Its vocation is to safeguard and promote Luxembourgish audiovisual heritage and provide access to the culture of sound, of still or moving images through exhibitions, publications, screenings, lectures or any other event aimed at a broad audience.

Since we consider that initiation to both knowledge and use of media is a major asset for the audience from an early age, training and education are significantly important for the CNA. This platform The Family of Man – Education is part of this approach.

A legendary collection in the history of photography permanently exhibited at Clervaux Castle and listed in the UNESCO World Heritage The Family of Man addresses many different audiences. This platform dedicated to the exhibition is made for teaching and is meant to provide educational resources for the visit of the exhibition. They are composed of historical texts that introduce Edward Steichen and his work, give the context and some interpretation keys to the exhibition, and propose a wide range of activities that can be done before, during or after the visit. They are thought in a transversal manner, are interactive and multidisciplinary and made for various levels of students. Some of them explain the exhibition in order to develop a better understanding, others use the collection to talk about different topics, either artistic, technical, social or historical. The registration is free but mandatory to access all material and activities.